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Get the most out of Facebook

We have explored the ways to get the most out of your social media and we have also looked at what you need to be aware of when using social media. Over our next couple of blogs we will explore the different social networking channels and how to get the most out of them. This should help you understand which social networking channels you should be using for your business.   

In 2017 social media had 2.8 billion users globally and Facebook dominates these figures with 2.07 billion active monthly users. This is double the number of users they had five years ago. The high numbers of users means Facebook gives you access to a huge audience at the tap of a button.  

Facebook allows you to post multiple forms of media, from photos and videos to polls and links to blogs. Users tend to use Facebook for anything but work and this can make it a challenging platform for recruiters. We find that on our own Facebook page team updates and photos tend to receive a higher engagement level than a blog post. 

Quick top tips

  • Research which type of posts are popular with your followers

  • Use a conversational tone

  • Post to Facebook 2-3 times a week

  • Implement a job board to your page

  • Make your profile and cover picture recognisable

  • Add a call-to-action button

  • Post at the best times for your audience - our

    gives more information on the best times to post on Facebook

  • Post videos, especially live videos

  • Make the most of Facebook Insights

  • Add social sharing to your website, blogs and emails

  • Ask questions

  • Engage with other brands

  • Boost your best posts

  • Share industry news

  • Respond to everyone

  • Make an emotional connection

  • Add value

  • Tap into trending topics

  • Celebrate holidays

  • Host contests and giveaways

  • Make sure you about page is up to date

  • Pin a post

  • Use custom Facebook tabs

  • Recycle past successful content

  • You may be off at a weekend but remember your followers will still use Facebook

For more top tips and tricks on getting the most out of social media download our guide.


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