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Building a great website is the single biggest thing you can do for your recruitment business. Practically everyone starts their job search online and your website is your first port of call.

So, what makes an effective recruitment web design? Well it's getting the blend between good clean design with clarity of functionality but this often proves too difficult for some recruiters to achieve.

Recruitment web design is about measuring affects, does the site design compell users to engage, can users find what their looking for, it involves understanding whether the users know what to do, and also it's about compelling users to interact with a particular website.

Good web design gives a user a good experince, it prompts them to act or to engage, and when they do they get the reward they are looking for.

Volcanic have been providing good web design to our customers for years. If you visit our work area you'll see a range of our designs and the styles we have built.

Part of the process for ensuring good design is to ensure the users have a good experience and our team have been focusing on the user experience and use an approach where constant design improvements are made.

Once you have mastered your design and user experience, you will need to ensure your website is future proof. Future proofing your business model is the key reason for the exponential growth in software as a service (SaaS), where providers offer low risk entry through no upfront investment, no contractual tie-ins and a simple monthly fee.

This blog was updated in April 2018.




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