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by Rebecca Benson
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Calling all recruitment marketers

Alison Dwyer, Global Marketing Director at Volcanic, and Lisa Jones, Director and Founder of Barclay Jones will deliver a webinar on KPIs, goal setting and lead conversion on Thursday 24 May at 12 noon.

To develop qualified leads and create meaningful sales strategies it’s vital that recruitment marketers and their key marketing systems set KPIs. KPIs that they live and die by!

The recruitment website sits at the heart of a recruitment business. It's the attractor, the engager and the converter, but it may be mis-managed, rarely measured, and certainly not subject to realistic, smart KPIs.

With more than twenty years experience within recruitment marketing, PR and corporate communications, Alison has gained a reputation as a thought leader within her field. 

Director and founder of Barclay Jones, Lisa Jones is a triple award-winning recruiting advocate, digital mentor and digital marketing strategy expert for the recruitment industry.

Get in touch to see how your recruitment website can deliver great business results. 


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