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by Robert Wilde
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Technology as a business enabler is an ongoing theme in recruitment, where it has exerted a huge influence on the working practices of the industry.

Social media, mobile applications and cloud-based technologies have brought new automation to recruitment processes, stripping out the admin  to dramatically improve efficiencies across businesses.

At Volcanic we continually bring innovation to our technology platform to keep our clients at the forefront of best practice in the industry, rolling out new functionality to deliver better SEO, improved conversions and an optimised user experience in all our recruitment websites.

As a business, we’ve always been early adopters of technology.

Taking this to the next level, to support our rapid business growth, we’ve developed our own technology to boost efficiencies throughout every aspect of our business - efficiencies that we can share with our customers. Our proprietary HR management system is designed to manage every aspect of our team, training, performance and day to day activities through real time KPIs.  Since its implementation, we’ve made time savings of 15 percent across our team.

Our sharp growth trajectory lies in our unique approach to problem-solving based on industry insight, and relentless determination to find a new way to resolve issues.

As part of the London Stock Exchange ELITE programme, in which we now belong to the alumni group and offer mentoring and support to new members, we were encouraged to interrogate every aspect of our business and find new ways to monitor activity across all our systems. By layering all processes, from sales and bank data, through customer support and account management, to quality and learning management, and using this data to map performance, we spotted trends and key areas for improvement across our platform.

We’ve built these learnings into our business management system, which is a rigorous, ruthlessly efficient data management tool. This helps us better manage our platform's performance through better people management and a sharper understanding of our customers and their business needs.

To learn more about how our recruitment technology can boost your recruitment business, contact us.


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