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Social media has a number of advantages and can be critical in your recruitment business' success - as outlined in our previous blog. Its power is, however, becoming increasingly hard to control, which can lead to negative attention being attracted very quickly. Recruitment companies must monitor social media actively closely, enabling them to spot and respond to any negative comments fast. As with everything, there can be disadvantages... 


Social media does require time to be dedicated to it on an ongoing basis, not just to set it up. It should be monitored daily. Companies should set aside time each day to post engaging content and respond to comments.

Negative feedback

While social media allows companies to gain valuable insights and feedback, it does put everything in the public eye. If a customer has a bad experience with your brand they may share this on social media. You should have procedures in place to deal with this both quickly and calmly.

Security issues

Social networks can be an open door for spreading details about your customers and new products. This can be a serious problem and any suspected data breaches should be reported and investigated quickly. Changing your account passwords regularly is one way in which you can minimise the risk.

Competitors can see what you are doing

However, you can also see what they are doing.

Less tangible benefits

The benefits of social media can be difficult to quantify. Make sure you set KPIs to help monitor your success.

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