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If you’ve been keeping up to date with our blog you’ll know that Volcanic is passionate about creating a culture of diversity. In this post, Head of Design at our UK office, Jasmine Edwards talks about her path to Volcanic and explains how Volcanic’s commitment to employee development has resulted in her career progression.

“I studied 3D Animation and Visual Effects at Staffordshire University. Out of a group of over thirty students I was one of only two women on the course, so being part of a male-dominated society was the norm for me from the outset.

“Volcanic has always been an inclusive workplace. Employees are hired based on their attitude, ability and aspirations. Before working here I'd worked in other design-related roles, however Volcanic offered me the opportunity to move in to web design. The on-the-job training and support that I have received has been invaluable to the extent that I have been promoted to Head of Design in a short period of time.

“What I love about Volcanic is that we are always pushed to be the best at what we do and are continuously supported when we need it; we are one big family that continues to evolve.”

Volcanic’s Co-Founder Neil Pickstone commented: “The tech industry is rapidly growing and to ensure that supply can keep up with demand it’s vital that companies do all they can to establish their female employees as an essential part of the workforce. The problem is endemic; according to Forbes a whopping 76 percent of technical jobs in Silicone Valley are held by men. Statistics show that women are 45 percent more likely to leave the tech industry within a year than men, citing isolation and lack of support as deciding factors.

“At Volcanic we are committed to a culture of equality and diversity. Jasmine’s story highlights our commitment to employee progression based on talent and regardless of previous experience. We focus on the attitude and willingness of the individual to learn - the things that cannot be taught - and we offer support and training in everything else.”

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