Rebecca Benson
by Rebecca Benson

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When looking to upgrade their website, Halecroft Recruitment sought out a platform with mobile-responsive technology as well as GDPR compliance.

Tricia Bullman, Managing Director at Halecroft Recruitment explains: “Our previous website was really at the end of its life. It wasn’t mobile-friendly and with an increasing number of candidates wanting to sign up and apply for jobs on their phone we were running the risk of getting left behind. It also wasn’t GDPR compliant which was a major factor in looking to move to the Volcanic platform.


Effortless user experience

“In a market where the candidates outnumber available jobs it’s important for the process of candidate application to be as slick as possible. The Volcanic platform not only enables this but also has the additional benefits of analytics and SEO features which have been great at giving us a better idea of how our candidates are engaging with the site.


Fresh new look 

“Halecroft Recruitment has a strong brand image and we knew from the outset how we wanted our new site to look. Our previous website needed refreshing so we worked closely with the designers at Volcanic and we’re so pleased with the result.

"The user experience is so much more intuitive, and the mobile responsiveness has ensured that we remain competitive in an ever-changing market.


Industry-leading tech 

“Working with Volcanic has been brilliant and we’re very happy with the partnership. Any required changes have been carried out promptly and effectively. To be able to have access to the best tech in the industry with no upfront fee meant that Volcanic was the supplier of choice."

Project manager at Volcanic, James Bell, concludes: "It was great working with Tricia and Beth on the delivery of the new Halecroft Recruitment site. They had a clear idea on the design element from the beginning and we worked in close collaboration to really bring their vision to life."


Best in breed technology

Volcanic websites offer continually updated technology to ensure you maximise your growth. For tips on growing your business and best SEO practice, download your free copy of a Recruiter's Guide to SEO.


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