Rebecca Benson
by Rebecca Benson

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When looking to upgrade their website, Woodrow Mercer had identified a need for an intuitive website with a seamless user experience. They were won over by the ease of use of the Volcanic platform and the potential for integrations, however, the additional functions offered also proved to be invaluable to the development of their brand.

Intuitive integration

Sarah Large, marketing manager at Woodrow Mercer explains, “First and foremost, we wanted something that would make the lives of our consultants easier.  The fact that the site links to Broadbean and encourages candidates to apply, register and sign up for job alerts was really attractive to us.

“It was important that we found a platform that was easy to use – and it really is. I love the fact that I can make quite significant changes to the pages myself without the need for additional support.

Increased business

“The built in SEO features are fantastic and really help boost our search rankings. I have made great use of the events page too – these work really well for data capture and for driving traffic to our site, especially when we post about our events on social media.

“Having a well built, professional and intuitive website has done wonders for our brand awareness and perception. It has helped us attract new talent to work here at Woodrow Mercer as well as develop new business from new clients.”

Ben Easterbrook, delivery director at Volcanic said, “At Volcanic we understand the need for effective SEO techniques and the effect these can have on a client's business. Our platform is designed to maximise each of our client site’s SEO at a fundamental level, ensuring they have the best possible start when the site goes live.”

Collaborative approach

Sarah continues, “Working with Volcanic has been brilliant. Being able to run ideas past my project manager, James Bell, and see whether or not they are feasible is great. The ticketing system works very well too as I can see how long tasks will take to complete – it’s a nice mix of me being able to control many aspects of the website and then the more technical stuff being done by the Volcanic team in just a few days.”

James Bell, project manager at Volcanic concludes, "It was great working with Woodrow Mercer on their new site, they had some really interesting ideas around the use of video which we were able to convey successfully to create a fresh look. The whole process was straightforward from the outset and it was great to then go on to create three additional sites for the business."

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