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Volcanic today celebrates International Women’s Day 2018 by reaching a major milestone in our gender parity agenda. We now have nearly a third of female employees (32 percent) across offices in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Australia and Malaysia, edging ahead of tech giants like Google (31 percent). 

CEO of Volcanic, Rob Wilde, makes this announcement in response to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report,* which estimates that gender parity is more than 200 years away, and urges businesses to keep this year’s #PressforProgress theme high on their agenda.

50/50 gender agenda

Rob said, “There is no better way to compel equality than exposing your own gender agenda initiatives and ratios for public scrutiny. Our goal is to reach a 50/50 gender balance in the business and although we’re not there yet, we are proud to share our endeavours and debate the issues around these objectives.

“There is a strong global momentum striving for gender parity but, trust me, it starts at a grassroots level. No business has any excuse not to take part in the advocacy and support that is required.

“When we’re recruiting we typically look for talented individuals who are highly motivated self starters with a great attitude. Our approach is fluid. We identify a person’s strengths and let them flourish in a role that suits them, rather than shoehorn a person into a role that doesn’t match their skills or aspirations.”

Fast growing tech company

Volcanic attributes its success to being one of the fastest growing technology companies in the North West. Its team has more than doubled over the past 12 months to reach nearly 80 people.

With recent research indicating that female employees in the UK make up just 17 percent of the technology sector,** Volcanic believes it’s vital that the industry works to close the gender gap.

Rob concludes, “Gender diversity widens the talent pool and opens industries to different perspectives. Given the ever-growing importance of technology as a business enabler, it’s crucial to enhance the sector by increasing female involvement and ensuring that the gender gap starts to close.”

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Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance. Make sure your and your team are trained in GDPR awareness using our free resources:  watch our free GDPR awarenesss training video here.   


**Diversity in IT 2017, BCS Chartered Institute for IT  


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