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It is estimated that more than 92 percent of recruiters now use social media as part of their wider marketing strategy. When used well social media can be a huge asset, but a poorly executed social media campaign can bring detrimental effects to the whole company. Below are the Volcanic practical tips to help you improve your social media strategy.

Brand your social media pages

Make sure your audiences know they are on your page as soon as they get there.

Choose your network wisely

Research which sites your clients are most likely to use and when they are most active.

Share inspirational articles

Your followers don’t just want to hear all about your business and what you do. Share related content that will interest and motivate them.

Know your customers

It’s all about knowing your audience. You need to know who your followers are so that you can share content that will interest them.


You need to build a rapport with your followers: like and share their posts and they will do the same for you. It also helps to build your relationship with them.

Keep track of time

You should research what times your audience is most active on social media - you want to post at the time when your content is able to reach the most people.

Have fun

Your social channels should not only show your products and what you do but should be a creative outlet, sharing fun things that happen in the office, joining in with national days and creating entertaining content.

Create original content

Share your own blogs and thoughts. Your social media channels should have a personality and not just constantly share other people's work.

Maintain continuity

Maintain one voice - your social networks should flow. Having a policy setting out how you want to be received on social media can help with this. Your followers should not be able to tell if someone different is running the social network channels on different days.

Have your settings so you have to approve tags

It is important that you keep as much control as you can over your social networks. Through having your settings so that you have to approve any tags prevents anything negative or controversial appearing on your pages.

Remain professional whilst having a personality

Social networks are a representation of your businesses thoughts, not your own. Ensure this is top of mind when sharing on social media.

Maintain a high level of customer service

Make sure you always respond to customers’ questions, comments and feedback to ensure your customers are valued and are left happy. Even if some of these comments may be negative it is important to make a public initial response to show you care and want to resolve the problem.

Encourage employees to share

Members of the team should share content across social media to help reach an audience that does not follow you.

Use analytics tools

Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook all offer their own analytics tools. Use these to help gage your audiences likes and dislikes and to monitor how well your posts are doing.

This is just the start of the advice we have on offer for social media use. To find out more download our guide on how to use social media for recruitment companies.


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