Judit Masana
by Judit Masana

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Here at Volcanic we’re committed to an inclusive and diverse culture and believe that all technology companies have an important role to play in supporting women in successful careers in technology. With almost a third (32%) of female employees we’re well on the way to hitting our target of gender parity within the company.  

Read how front-end website developer Judit Masana began her career at Volcanic: “I qualified with a degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain). I studied different subjects related to engineering such as maths and physics and I specialised in image, video and voice processing. In the last year of my degree I became interested in web development so during a break between exams, I enrolled on an additional course at my University.

"After finishing my degree I decided to move abroad, in order to improve my English and have a new experience. So I moved to Manchester to look for a job and discovered that Volcanic was hiring.

"I have been in a male-dominated industry since I started University; there were a huge number of men compared to woman on the course, but in my opinion we shouldn't be scared about it and we have to fight against the stereotype.

"What I love about Volcanic is that I have created a new family here, which makes me feel really happy because sometimes it's not easy living far away from your family and friends. In Volcanic men and women are equal but I would like it if the whole of the tech industry didn’t care if I'm a man or a women, just that they see that I'm doing what I love to do, which is programming."

Global Marketing Director Alison Dwyer commented: “Research has shown that gender equality in the workplace brings increased productivity and a reduced staff turnover. From an employer’s perspective we feel it’s vital to create a culture of diversity where everyone feels welcome and included, and has the flexibility to create their own career path based on their skills and ambitions.

"As International Women’s Day continues to highlight important issues, we're totally committed to supporting women in technology.”

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