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When Camino Partners were looking to launch a new website with the primary goal of building recruitment technology that would support their position as market leaders, offer a future-proof solution, drive traffic through strong search engine optimisation and deliver a candidate-friendly experience, they felt Volcanic was the obvious partner of choice. 

Established in London in 2011, Camino Partners is a back office to boardroom recruitment specialist working across multiple divisions in the recruitment, management consultancy and media & creative industries.  


Recruitment sector experts


We spoke to Natasha South, Operations and Marketing Manager about what she thought of the Camino website and her experience of working with Volcanic. This is what she had to say:

We wanted to work with a specialist recruitment technology provider, not only because of all the obvious advantages of working with sector experts who understand recruitment inside out, but also because of Volcanic’s reputation in the industry. We’d heard many positive comments about the Volcanic technology and brand strengths and, when we investigated for ourselves, their business model made sense.


In-depth reporting and analytics

We’ve been particularly impressed with Volcanic’s in-depth, easy-to-use reporting and analytics. The ability to track and report on data is hugely important to us and our system now delivers valuable analytics that we can use to pinpoint successes and identify any areas for improvement.

We’re delighted with our site’s design, as well as how the design team at Volcanic interpreted our brief to deliver a website that is clearly resonating with candidates. We have high numbers of candidate registrations and applications so it’s obviously working well.


Strong SEO

Post launch, we’ve found the Volcanic support service to be excellent. Any issues have been quickly resolved and the optimisation in particular is functioning well. Because SEO is embedded in the Volcanic platform, our on-site SEO is excellent, and we’re currently implementing a marketing programme to help drive more site traffic. The support from Volcanic has been great.


Ben Easterbrook, Operations Director at Volcanic said:

The Camino website is a good example of great design that is mobile responsive and delivers a beautiful visual experience on any device. What was particularly important for Camino was to increase candidate registrations and applications by first of all improving visitor traffic through strong SEO, and then by delivering a great user experience once candidates landed on the site.


Unique user experience

Camino’s striking use of video and an extended home page help improve dwell time, support the company’s brand narrative and provide a unique user experience. To contact Camino, click here.

The Volcanic recruitment technology has changed the way the recruitment industry operates, making businesses more productive - and more profitable. If you’d like advice on any aspect of recruitment technology, get in touch - we’d love to help. 

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