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Over the past few months, we’ve been asked many questions about the Volcanic GDPR-compliant Compliance Area featuring the self-service candidate dashboard. Our series of blogs sets out to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Here, we cover off questions relating to the 'My Preferences' section (including legal messages and consents).

Where do I upload legal messages?

This is the Legal Messages area in the Compliance dashboard. The message titles and content will be free text so you may name the policies and upload the wording exactly as you choose.

How do I upload legal messages?

In your Admin Area, click Compliance in the left hand menu and, in the drop down menu, click the Consent tab. You will see the screen titled Legal Messages.  Here you can easily upload all required Legal Messages. Click the + on the right hand side and upload and save your relevant message.

This is a list of messages which you can upload in the Admin Area:

  • Cookie policy

  • Privacy policy

  • Terms & conditions

  • First opt-in message

  • Second opt-in message

  • Age verification message.

Can I create new legal messages?

Yes, you can create new legal messages for your site in the Admin Area - Compliance.

Can I switch off opt-in and opt-out consent messages, eg those used for marketing?

At Volcanic, we have set up our portal exactly as stipulated by the articles of the GDPR, which recommends the self-service model as best practice. Switching off opt-in consent, to receive marketing material for example, is not possible as specific, pro-active, transparent consent is a core requirement of the GDPR.  

Will candidates be asked to give consent every time they apply for a job?

Candidates will not be asked to give consent every time they apply for a job. Once consent is given, it remains valid until the candidate chooses to remove that consent.

Where do I get my consent messages from?

Every business should write its own consent messages and we would advise you to take legal advice and/or seek approval from the ICO.

How is version control managed?

It is important to keep a record of which version of your legal message a candidate has agreed to. When you upload your first cookie policy, for example, it will be logged as version 1 and time and date stamped. When a candidate consents to this policy, it is important to know and record that they have consented to version 1. If you change the cookie policy, this will become version 2 and the date and time of change will be logged. It will be visible on the candidate dashboard which version of the legal message the candidate has consented to.

What are the Terms and Conditions of using my website?

The Terms and Conditions of using your website are not affected by the GDPR. We’d advise that you take legal advice on your Terms and Conditions.

What does unbundling mean and is this handled by the Volcanic platform?

This is to make sure that data subjects are clear in what they are consenting to. So, for example, it is not GDPR-compliant to bundle consent messages to opt-in to receive marketing material together with the Terms and Conditions to use your website.

Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance. Make sure your and your team are trained in GDPR awareness using our free resources:  watch our GDPR awareness training video here.


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