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by Neil Pickstone

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We welcome Recital 63 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which explains the Right of Access clause.


Recital 63 provides that “A data subject should have right of access to personal data which has been collected, and to exercise that right easily and at reasonable intervals, in order to be aware of and verify the lawfulness of the processing.”


What does this mean for me?

If a candidate makes a subject access request (SAR), you must provide this information free of charge within one month of receiving the request. And it’s essential to log when you received the request and when you responded by supplying the data.


Even more interestingly, Recital 63 makes the specific recommendation that, “Where possible, organisations should be able to provide remote access to a secure system, which would provide the data subject with direct access to their personal data.”


This self-service model which is now recommended by the GDPR is the cornerstone of the entire Volcanic approach  

More than a year ago, we started the process of reviewing our entire platform in the light of the new data protection laws. We realised that all technology would have to be built differently in order to comply and invested in redesigning our platform to include the new compliance area, including a self-service candidate dashboard. 


The candidate dashboard puts data control into the hands of every candidate - the data subject - in compliance with the terms of the GDPR. It allows every individual to make their own subject access request and time and date stamps the request to create a log of the transaction.


The new legislation brings the ideal opportunity to upgrade technology to help manage candidate data compliantly. Every recruitment website should function as a management tool within the new data protection climate to help your business manage data effectively while protecting candidate rights.


Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance. Make sure your and your team are trained in GDPR awareness using our free resources.


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