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by Robert Wilde
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At Volcanic, our commercial success lies in the fact that we have a clear proposition with a truly global outlook


In this second in our blog series on international growth, we look at how to approach starting a global expansion programme.  At Volcanic, we have long understood the power of export and the benefits of marketing our services globally. There are many advantages of bringing products and services to an international market. 


Where does this leave the small business, faced with the seemingly overwhelming challenge of expanding globally?


Based on Volcanic’s experience of rapid international growth, these are my suggestions on how to succeed globally.


1. Ensure your domestic business runs efficiently

Before embarking on a strategy of diversifying a business into new territories overseas, it is essential to make sure your domestic business is run efficiently and profitably. Since our global expansion, we have seen our UK business become more profitable for two reasons.


Firstly, before we took the decision to export our services, we ensured that our people, our procurement practice, our administration, and our service levels in our domestic base were second to none. This commitment to best practice means that our service to our domestic clients became more efficient.


And secondly, we have seen strong benefits to our brand. As an established global business, we have taken our place among the industry giants, underlining our credibility and technical strengths, as well as our trademark agility and ongoing innovation.


2. Create global networking opportunities

Participating in a recent trade mission to China reinforced the benefits of taking every opportunity to network, notably the ability to gain access to the most senior people within an organisation, especially by having the pre-qualified status as a selected delegate.


For example, the CEO of a large global business would rarely attend a UK event, but may be a frequent guest at government-backed export events hosted overseas, particularly in a post-Brexit climate where the UK government is keen to forge new trading relationships.


3. Partner with experts who understand a global success model

Today’s recruitment businesses are not going to be easily seduced by a London or New York address – and its consequent high overheads – but are far more likely to seek out the true benefits offered by an agile business that offers a world-leading service. 


Our own success drives our clients’ success - our strong experience of establishing a global business helps us establish our recruitment clients’ international footholds rapidly and cost-effectively.


Volcanic's SaaS model requires no upfront investment, removing the barrier to entry by enabling you to set up a global website presence, risk free.  Volcanic's success had led to our being listed in the top 20 fastest growing technology companies in the UK on the London Stock Exchange ELITE. 


Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance. Download your free guide to GDPR for recruitment agencies.    


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