Rebecca Benson
by Rebecca Benson
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Our new marketing executive, Rebecca Benson, talks about how joining Volcanic has given her the opportunity to change career as well as achieve a better work-life balance, something that she was sceptical even existed.


When I was invited to interview for the role of marketing executive at Volcanic the first thing that struck me was their flexibility regarding work-life balance. It’s all about give and take - it can be demanding but it’s also great that working from home, for example, to suit the needs of a young family, is welcomed. Previously, because of the constraints of childcare, I had just about written off the chance of promotion or changing career until my daughter had reached full-time education.


It’s no coincidence that a flexible approach to working hours and remote working results in a productive workforce. Recent research undertaken by HSBC has indicated that when asked about their number one motivator at work, employees chose flexible working (89%) over financial incentives (77%).  As Volcanic continues to go from strength to strength it’s clear that a flexible working environment results in a happy, motivated and productive team.


With little experience in the technology industry, a career change after 11 years was initially a daunting prospect, but the Volcanic team was confident that a combination of transferable skills, training, and learning on the job would make the transition a smooth one. The Volcanic ethos is very much about hiring the right individual with the right attitude as opposed to actively seeking people with certain qualifications or experience.


Recruiting talent in this way brings fresh perspectives and ideas to a company and also allows individuals to develop and bring out their core skills. This, combined with a culture of innovation, flexibility and trust results in a committed team of people who love their job.


So far I’m really enjoying working at Volcanic and with the launch of a dynamic new global strategy I’m excited to see where the company will take me next. 


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