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Nobody loves an award like the recruitment industry!


And as award season kicks off it’s time to get entering. Don’t worry - you don’t have to be a great writer to create a winning award entry. Following a formula will help you keep it clear and concise - which will appeal to the judges who have lots of entries to get through. 


“It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part

Winning an award really puts you on the map as a bright light in your field, and even being shortlisted gets you attention and brings opportunities for publicity.


Think award first

Right from the start, when you’re developing your marketing campaigns, have an award entry in mind. This will have a hugely positive impact on your marketing strategy.

After all, setting clear objectives of what success looks like, defining your KPIs from the outset and being able to measure and report on the results achieved will not only resonate well with judging panels but will help you deliver a successful campaign.

Win win.


What are other brands doing?

A great source of inspiration is to take a look at other brands you admire - both in and outside the recruitment sector - and see what they’re doing to create award winning campaigns.

One fast emerging trend is insight-led marketing. Gathering customer data and acting upon it is how forward thinking companies are growing their businesses - and scooping awards for their innovative and customer-focused marketing practices.

Data driven campaigns 

The simplest ideas can go far: Spotify used the customer data it had at its fingertips to create video content based on user playlists in its winning Play This at my Funeral campaign, which ended up dominating social media and promoting the playfulness of its brand and users. 

Image: Spotify


Where do I start?

You should now be convinced entering an award is a great idea - but where to start? Here are six quick tips for success.  

  • Read the instructions: don’t get bored and skip over this - the judges will notice!

  • Start as you mean to go on: best bits first

  • Keep it simple: judging panels have a lot of award entries to get through

  • Stick to the facts and always back them up with quantifiable evidence

  • Break things up: make it a

  • Answer the question - and don’t even think about copying and pasting brochure copy.

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