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Exporting your successful business model overseas is a powerful way to boost rapid business growth  

Key to success in international expansion is speed to market enabled by technology.  In this first in our blog series on global growth, we look at how technology powers your brand, your strategy and your business expansion.

Implementing a recruitment website that both communicates your brand in an international context and functions effectively is the single most important make or break factor for a recruitment agency.  And while emerging economies are ripe for new entrants, the perceived difficulty of introducing a fully functional website that will succeed locally is a large barrier to entry.  

Small organisations looking to grow need to think globally. There are huge opportunities for overseas investment, especially in our post-Brexit climate, as the UK government is looking to establish stronger trading links with Asia.

Having grown our own business significantly in the UK, and set up thriving offices in Malaysia and Australia, here are my key suggestions on how best in class technology can support a successful international growth strategy.


Your overriding consideration has to be security: firstly how the site’s own security certification is set up and secondly how collected data is managed on an ongoing basis to ensure no security breaches and compliance with a country’s data protection laws.

The first is relatively simple for any professional web company as security is based on standard encryption, but the second requires a deeper level of security and, depending on the country you are targeting, may involve setting up locally hosted data centres because of local data protection laws.  

2. Marketing to the local culture

Marketing your business in another territory is not simply a matter of translating your collateral and hoping your keywords will resonate locally. There are many more considerations to take into account, including search, content and job board functionality.

It is absolutely critical that your website provider understands how the site will work at user level. The first step is to research and create a matrix that maps keyword and location specific to your target territory and implement this within your global technology platform.   

3. Speed to market

Speed to market is a critical success factor in the export marketplace, which is why the Volcanic SaaS web platform can get a new website up and running quickly to generate return on investment.

4. A partnership approach

Recruiters would be well advised to partner with a website development company who has solid experience in the international arena. Commercial success in recruitment depends on understanding the power of the localised proposition and executing this through a global technology platform.

A global success model

Volcanic is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK and, today, we drive 15 percent of all UK recruitment agency applications.

Since opening our development centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and an office in Sydney, Australia, we have grown significantly in just two years to service an international client base and establish a robust presence in Asia.

Our Asia expansion and investment has opened up new opportunity within the global market. We now have offices on four continents and operate websites in more than forty languages. 

Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance. Download your free guide to GDPR for recruitment agencies. 


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