Maxine Linas
by Maxine Linas
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Exciting times ahead at Volcanic 


Volcanic staged a takeover of the new Light Cinema near our HQ in Stockport to launch our 2018 and beyond company strategy to our global team. It was a whole team event live streamed to all our locations including Australia, Mexico, Malaysia and Spain.  



The morning included seven speakers and videos highlighting the Volcanic journey from our foundation in 2010 to becoming the global leading recruitment technology provider today, as well as our plans for future growth. Presentations from across the team showcased our vision, our people and our state-of-the-art technology that has changed the way people apply for jobs across the world.



The morning left Volcanic's people feeling proud to be part of the team, excited about the future and inspired to belong to a global business with ambitious growth plans.


The strategies unveiled on Friday will set the Volcanic direction for 2018 and we're looking forward to rolling out our new technology across our platform.


To join our talented team or to discuss how a Volcanic website can help grow your business, contact us now.


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