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Endless shopping, endless cooking and endless hangovers; even those who love Christmas can agree that the Most Wonderful Time of the Year wreaks havoc with stress levels. Here at Volcanic we want to take the hassle out of the festive period - read on for our fun Christmas hacks.


1. Never have tangled lights again

Wrap your Christmas lights around a hanger to stop them getting tangled up while they are in storage. So simple yet so effective; once you’ve tried this you’ll never go back!


2. Frozen whipped cream floats

Let’s face it, nobody can be bothered to go to the hassle of whipping cream by hand or even with a mixer every time they fancy a festive hot chocolate. For super-stylish drinks this season, whip up a large batch, spread it on a parchment-lined baking tray and freeze. Once frozen you can use a festive-shaped cookie cutter to create handy floats that you can add to drinks.


3. Candy Cane Place Card Holders

For the ultimate festive table this Christmas, make some cute candy cane creations. To ensure they remain edible, keep the wrappers on. Place two canes together so they can hold the card, almost like an easel, and tape them securely. Then add the third to enable them to stand. Tie a red ribbon around in a bow, add some personalised name cards and you’re done!


4. Stuffing in a muffin tin

Christmas dinner simply isn’t right without sage and onion stuffing and this hack enables portions to be shared out equally. Simply bake in a muffin tin instead of one big portion; this will also save baking time and enable leftovers to be frozen and used as required.


5. Slow cooker dipping station

Fill up some empty jam jars with chocolate buttons and place them in the bottom of your slow cooker. Fill the surrounding cooker with hot water and switch on to low. Pretty soon you’ll have beautifully melted chocolate that’s perfect for you and your guests to dip strawberries, bananas or marshmallows.


6. Hang your wreath with ease

Avoid using nails on your door with this easy method for hanging your wreath. Simply use an upside down self adhesive hook on the other side of the door - job done!


7. Cling-filmed tree

And when it’s all over, avoid the faff of boxing up all your decorations by wrapping your pre-decorated tree up with cling film and storing away for next year!


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