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"As a new start up, we needed to position ourselves as a serious contender in the market. We never thought we would be able to have even anything close to this level of technology.


A priority for Urbanberry's founding directors Emma Gregory and Caroline Wakil was a polished and professional website, which would immediately position them as a serious player in the competitive corporate travel recruitment sector. A key concern, however, was the perceived cost of creating a new website from scratch - as a start-up, finding funding for any project of this scale is a challenge. Volcanic’s SaaS model, which requires no upfront investment and is based on a simple monthly fee, was an attractive proposition. 


Emma said: “We knew a strong website was essential for our business. As a new start up, we needed to position ourselves from the outset as a serious contender in the market. We never thought we would be able to start out with anything even close to this level of technology.


"The whole site was delivered without us having to invest significant time and effort from our side.


“Volcanic listened to our thoughts and took on the design of our fantastic new website with very little input from ourselves. The design team is extremely professional and clearly understood our brief straightaway. We felt from the start that we could focus on getting our business up and running, while Volcanic took care of the website. The project took just a couple of months from start to finish and the whole site was delivered without us having to invest significant time and effort from our side.


“As experts in corporate travel recruitment, Urbanberry brings a fresh and agile approach, as well as our extensive contact book - but we’re competing against large, well established players. Our website plays a huge role in establishing our brand position, as well as helping with our candidate attraction and content strategy, as much of the SEO, marketing and analytics are automated within the site.”


Strong user experience 

Delivery director at Volcanic, Ben Easterbrook, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with Urbanberry. Emma was very clear in the goals they wanted to achieve - and had the confidence in us to give us free rein on design. The results speak for themselves: Urbanberry has a website that not only looks great and offers a strong user experience, but is already delivering returns for the business.”


Emma continues: “Our new website brings us into a different league from other start-ups. It represents our brand and our vision perfectly - and positions us straightaway as a serious contender in this sector. We’re absolutely delighted with the results Volcanic has helped us achieve, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any recruitment business, whether starting out or well established.”


Volcanic has levelled the playing field in recruitment technology. For the first time, businesses of all sizes can access a market-leading platform and compete using the same technology. This comes in a low risk GDPR-compliant business model with no upfront investment, 30-day contracts and a simple monthly fee. 


Contact us for more information and download your free guide to GDPR for recruitment agencies. 


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