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Word of mouth is still the most powerful advocate for your business. In a world where customers are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend, the power of user-generated social media content should be harnessed by the recruitment industry.

Now everyone can tap into a global community - think TripAdvisor or Amazon reviews where everyone can self-publish their views - user-generated content is one of the key ways to build your brand.

Sharing testimonials from candidates who have had positive, first-hand experience of your recruitment agency or job board is a powerful way to use word of mouth - which, ultimately, will drive traffic and help boost SEO.

There are three main drivers:

  • Trust: building brand ambassadors

Start with social media listening, which is critical to understand how your audience reacts to your brand. Engaging across the networks your customer use is a powerful way to build trust - even anonymous reviewers have a 70 percent trust rate when they post online about a brand.

Creating brand loyalty

Candidates are far more likely to develop a strong attachment to an organisation that’s recommended by their peers. Displaying candidate and client reviews of your company on your job description pages are a highly visual way to share testimonials with visitors to your site, .

Creating buzz around your brand

Social recognition is a powerful tool - look at the success of GoPro’s Everything We Make campaign - where fans were given the opportunity to submit photos and be featured in GoPro promotions. This gives the opportunity to cross-share social content across networks - so don’t hesitate to share someone’s positive comments from Facebook, for example, onto other networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

For tips on how to harness the power of user-generated content, download our free Recruiter's Guide to SEO.


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