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There are no two ways about it: a good content strategy is key to boost your Google ranking. How to do this is at the forefront of many recruitment marketing managers' minds.

Yet the power of the SEO strategy is still a huge consideration for any recruitment firm. HubSpot's State of Inbound Report 2018 reveals that 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

Most recruiters already know that content is an SEO superpower - but this has helped create the practice of keyword stuffing, or shoehorning as many of your keywords as possible into every piece of content you write.  

Keyword stuffing: why to avoid it

Keyword stuffing is, first and foremost, a relic of another era that today would be counter-productive to goals. Without going too far into the tactics used, this is a practice most often associated with the term "black hat SEO".

Essentially, it makes for a poor user experience, and could ultimately lead to long-term damage of your SEO profile, as the search engines are on to you.

Our ten top tips are summarised in our free download, Ten quick ways to improve SEO on your recruitment website.  

How to optimise content performance

Our free guide for the recruitment industry gives you insider knowledge and hints on how to boost your SEO on your recruitment website.

 A few of our top tips for best practice include:

  • Use SEO-friendly human readable URLs

  • Use keywords in page titles - essential for on-page SEO

  • Add modifiers to your title to describe the who, what, how, why and where. For example, "The best ways to…" or "Top tips for…" attract attention and have a positive effect on SEO

  • Add a H1 heading to your title. This not only looks good, it serves a valuable purpose in providing the signpost to lead search engines to your page.

  • And use H2 subheadings to reinforce messaging and include target keywords. The Volcanic system adds a H1 heading and allows you to frame H2 subheadings easily. 

For more tips and an explanation on best practice, download our free eBook, A Recruiters Guide to SEO.

This post was updated in July 2018


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