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by Matt Comber
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What we’re seeing in the US staffing sector is a huge shift towards start-ups

And these start-ups are looking for state of the art technology to support their business. People who have been successful in big corporates are either setting up on their own or moving to partnership in small businesses. Product growth in the Gig-oriented staffing sector is driven by the need for flexibility and modular solutions, backed by the latest in technology.

Adding bolt-on options such as ATS (applicant tracking systems) is where a flexible system really comes into its own – this degree of customization is a powerful differentiator for staffing agencies to deliver a unique offer. Look for a staffing technology platform that allows you to launch a website that seamlessly connects with internal software, CRM, ATS and other apps such as Bullhorn.

Low risk SaaS models 

Staffing agencies should look to adopt SaaS models wherever possible in their business. This is particularly true for their key digital asset – their website – because of the low capital investment needed upfront, the peace of mind brought about by compliance and security handled by the provider, and the short contractual tie-ins, allowing a straightforward exit if required.

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