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Every update to Google and other search algorithms brings new ways of looking at websites - and things which didn’t even exist a few years ago, like social media indicators, are given pretty high importance in their impact on your SEO and rankings.

It’s critical for recruiters to build a healthy content profile on their websites, spread out over months - ideally years - as this is a key factor that Google evaluates when looking at your site.    

Improving your SEO

The techniques of SEO are still valid - as long as you consider why people are looking for something, rather than just what they’re searching for. A good content strategy will answer people’s needs rather than deliver simple facts. It's about three things:

  • The journey your prospects have taken (and want to take)

  • Their position in our sales funnel or cycle

  • The competition you face in ranking highly for a given piece of content

Most recruitment businesses are looking to improve their SEO performance, as it remains one of the most important aspects of attracting candidates and clients to their website.   

Where to start?

First of all, download our Recruiter’s Guide to SEO - a pragmatic step-by-step guide that steps through how to support your SEO strategy by getting your content right.

This guide is specifically designed to help recruiters build a successful content strategy:

  • How to frame a content strategy so it performs well on Google

  • How to promote content to drive better results for your target audience, whether the client or candidate

  • How your content will effectively demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your field.

Our guide covers every aspect of content creation, from planning and production through to social sharing and analysis of its performance.

SEO that attracts your target persona

Equal consideration (and often a trickier element) should be given to understanding that once you rank better for a term, whether or not you've targeted the correct audience. 

That's the power of buyer personas. They set you up to determine the ideal customer, hone in on their pain points, and answer the frequently asked questions they have. Your content strategy (and by extension, your SEO strategy) should zero in on these ideal buyers.

For instance, an eBook about the client's approach to interviews may be well-written, but it does no good for you if it turns out that this lead generation tool has attracted hosts of prospective journalists. There's a flaw in your content strategy to matching this ideal content with your ideal customer.  

Get your content right

If you’re not continually moving forward and improving your SEO position, you’re likely losing ground to a competitor who is. You need a solid content strategy in place to succeed in online marketing - one of the single most important components in a recruitment website's armoury.

To get started, download our free Recruiter's Guide to SEO.

This post was updated in July 2018


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