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Today our co-founder Neil Pickstone addresses a packed house on the GDPR

Talking about the candidate experience in the context of the GDPR at the Macildowie Academy series of educational events, the Volcanic focus remains firmly on the opportunity for the recruitment sector brought by the GDPR and the practical steps recruiters should take.

Neil said: "I'm delighted to join the experts at the Macildowie Academy and share the depth of knowledge Volcanic has gained since starting our own GDPR project almost a year ago. We recognise that a recruiter’s website is potentially a high risk area area of its business because of the large volumes of candidate data it handles. 

"Because its website will form a critical part of every recruitment agency's risk assessment process - which must be the starting point of every GDPR programme - we’ve taken our platform back to design and development to produce new compliancy modules that are built on the core GDPR principles from the outset."


Expert GDPR workshops

The Macildowie Academy GDPR event series has been specifically designed to explore the issues facing the recruitment industry, give insight into what it means for recruitment and offer pragmatic tips and advice in the run up to May 2018.  Neil will offer recruiters practical support, while David Miller of Fint Bishop Solicitors will share insights into what recruiters can expect from the new legislation.​

Both speakers will provide presentations that address key questions for the recruitment industry, so delegates will be able to apply their learnings to their businesses.


Candidate first 

At Volcanic, we firmly believe that, to succeed, recruiters are going to have to focus on providing new value to candidates. Being able to demonstrate that you care about your candidates’ data and are handling it responsibly is in itself a powerful marketing message, particularly for the Millennials and Gen Zers who are growing up in a data-rich digital landscape.​

Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance ahead of the May 2018 deadine. Download your free guide to GDPR for recruitment agencies that walks you through the 12 principles set out by the ICO and gives pragmatic advice on how to deal with them.

Photograph from Volcanic Erupt, August 2017


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