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Volcanic is pleased to announce the launch of Native Gravity’s new recruitment website - where we really pushed the boundaries of creative design.


Native Gravity is a specialist recruitment company for digital talent, based in central London. It has a large client portfolio including B2B, B2C, high growth start-ups, digital agencies, non-profit, media and consumer brands.


Andrew Stoves, Director and Co-Founder at Native Gravity praised the commitment of the Volcanic team:


“We have not been the easiest of clients to work with, we had specific expectations and exacting creative ideas as to how the website should look and feel along with the development of a precise customer journey. The team at Volcanic has been a pleasure to work with and have moved mountains to cater to our whims and ideas. The feedback we have had from our customers has been hugely exciting for us here at Native Gravity and has cemented our decision in utilising the skills of the team at Volcanic.”  


Ben Easterbrook, Delivery Director at Volcanic, said: "It's been exciting to work with Native Gravity as they set us a strong challenge both in terms of design and user experience.  We are delighted to have delivered to their expectations, and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future." 


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