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Today Alison Dwyer, global marketing director at Volcanic, gave a presentation about the new opportunities the GDPR brings to marketing in the recruitment industry at the APSCo Marketing Forum held at Taylor Wessing.

Talking about the well researched approach Volcanic has taken in developing and delivering its new compliance centre, Alison presents the view that the spirit of the GDPR regulation is to protect an individual’s right to privacy and data security, which gives the recruitment sector the opportunity to distinguish itself as candidate-first advocates.


New marketing opportunites

The marketing opportunities presented by the new legislation are manifold. At Volcanic, we recognised the complexities early on, as well as the need to embrace and comply with the spirit of the law. What we found was that no-one seemed prepared to put their stake in the ground - so we took our typical approach. We did our research thoroughly, we interrogated the legislation, took advice from industry and legal bodies - and devised a new, GDPR-compliant web platform that puts control into the individual’s hands.

This approach makes complete sense in the context of the Volcanic mission: getting the world to work. We are both a technology business and a people business - and we put the candidate first. Our candidate dashboard allows every individual to self-manage their data and gain their positive buy-in that they are in control of their data, in terms of all the rights of the individual stipulated by the GDPR including subject access requests (SARs) and the right to be forgotten.


Protecting your reputation

It’s essential that every recruitment agency wraps its hands around the implications of the GDPR, and what it could mean to their business in terms of reputational damage.

Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance ahead of the May 2018 deadine. Download your free guide to GDPR for recruitment agencies that walks you through the 12 principles set out by the ICO and gives pragmatic advice on how to deal with them, or contact us for more information.


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