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So you’ve read our previous blogs on 

You should have a good idea by now that content is central to your strategy.

We're going to go back a little bit further in the process. The starting point of all content is to develop your buyer personas. Identifying who your target market is by thinking of them as a typical person type will help shape your content.

What buyer personas aren't

A quick word about the nature of how to construct a buyer persona. Understand that a buyer persona should not be a carbon copy of a particular customer. It should be an intepretation, or amalgamation, of several buyers and their traits, tendencies and points of contact. As an example, if you were to give your buyer personas a name, such as Builder Bill, would that mean you wouldn't accept a builder named Bella? Of course not.

Think of buyer personas as an abstract painting of your target clients, not a mirror.

Who is your typical candidate?

For example - let’s say your typical candidate is an engineer. Think about their background by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is this likely to be their first job?

  • What are their concerns in their life (mortgage / health / status / university fees etc)?

  • What is their family situation?

Next, consider the demographic:

  • Are they typically male, female or an equal split?

  • Age range and income range

  • Do they live in the city or country?

  • What are their qualification levels?

What are their identifiers:

  • Cash rich or money worries?

  • What drives them - money or lifestyle?

  • Are they looking for temp, perm, contract or temp to perm?

What drives them?

Now you’ve identified the basic person, consider their goals, their pain points and what makes them tick. Download our guide for more detailed questions that will shape your personas and help you decide how you should market your business to them.

For more tips on best practice, download our free whitepaper for recruiters: How to create a buyer persona or go all out and check out our official Recruiter's Guide to SEO.

This blog post was updated in July 2018


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