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Volcanic’s Matt Comber raises GDPR awareness at Lawspeed seminar

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Specialist legal and compliance consultant for the recruitment and employment industry, Lawspeed, has invited Volcanic’s Chief Partnerships Officer Matt Comber to speak on the implications of cyber security and the GDPR at its major seminar on GDPR and Data Protection Compliance this Thursday, 12 October in Manchester.


Matt said: “As recruitment technology specialists, we at Volcanic recognise that a recruiter’s website is potentially one of the highest risk areas of its business because of the large volumes of data it handles. We’ve taken our platform back to design and development to produce new compliancy modules that are built with the GDPR principle of Privacy by Design in mind.


“We believe we’re currently the only recruitment website provider to offer cost-effective, fully featured websites on a GDPR-compliant platform."


Adrian Marlowe, managing director of Lawspeed, said, “What people are looking for is an understanding of the rationale behind this major policy change, as well as the actual law and how to apply it in practice.


“The seminar will give in-depth presentations to address key questions, leaving attendees able to apply the rules to their businesses.”


Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance ahead of the May 2018 deadine. Download your free guide to GDPR for recruitment agencies that walks you through the 12 principles set out by the ICO and gives pragmatic advice on how to deal with them, or contact us for more information.


Photo caption: Matt Comber speaking at a recent Business Growth Hub event


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