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by Alison Owen
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Volcanic’s Tom Ross is at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations today in support of the TEAM Executive and Specialist Recruitment Networking Event.  


The event’s focus on global mapping to identify trends like talent migration, hiring rates and in-demand skills by region, in a presentation by LinkedIn’s Melissa McKey, dovetails with the Volcanic insight-led approach to business growth.


Volcanic’s insight marketing underpins our whole business strategy and has driven our rapid growth. By anticipating potential recruitment industry needs, validating our research, mapping results and building a solution long before our customers even realise they need it, we’ve grown our recruitment technology business into a global force to be reckoned with.


Take our approach to the GDPR as an example. Our GDPR-compliant platform has been built around the core principles of Privacy by Design and will be available to all our clients in the coming weeks and once the ICO consent messages are approved - well in advance of the May 2018 deadline.



Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance. Download your free guide to GDPR for recruitment agencies, or contact us for more information.





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