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Announcing Volcanic's recruitment software roadmap updates

At Volcanic, we’re committed to the development of new technology to keep all our customers’ websites current. We continually update our platform with regular feature releases and new functionality updates - all as part of our Software as a Service model.

Here’s an update on some of the upgrades that will be implemented over the next few months:

More details of the key deliveries below.

GDPR Dashboards

We’ve been building our GDPR proposition now for a number of months, and are looking at releasing our full candidate dashboard solution ready for May 2018. This will include all the various candidate rights required by the regulation.

New Security Centre

In response to an ever increasing need to demonstrate that the security of the system is up to date and monitored we have introduced a new security centre. Features include automatic security scanning, release notes, uptime monitoring and response times.

Configurable Dashboards

As the system provides more capability to our customers, we felt it was necessary to change our platform area to allow our customers to configure dashboards for their candidates and clients and add new features as and when they are available.

Improved Job Search

As with everything we do at Volcanic, we are always looking at improving job matching and improving our elasticsearch. Over the following months we will be introducing a far more advanced configuration areas to support the more complicated job search needs of our customers.

Candidate CV Builder

As more candidates abandon the use of bespoke CVs, our clients have been asking that we introduce an in-built CV builder that can be incorporated into the candidate dashboard area or application process in order to create an online CV.

Configurable Application Forms

We have been asked to improve the application process so that customers can define exactly what application details are provided. We will be able to use a site specific or job specific application form.

Improved Notification Centre

Over the years we have created many different notifications that the system can send. The improvement to the notification centre is designed to simplify the way these appear and how they are set up.

Google Jobs Integration

In response to the arrival of Google Jobs in the US and its imminent arrival in the UK, we are going to release an integration that allows the jobs to be found and advertised on Google. 


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