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With the expansion of the Volcanic Australia team and following the great success of the RCSA Conference in Fiji in September, we caught up with Volcanic’s client services director, Jordan Betteridge, for an update from Volcanic ANZ.


As a first-time sponsor of the RCSA event, Volcanic showcased its second-generation technology that is being snapped up by the recruitment industry. According to Jordan, the industry is now embracing technology as a business enabler, seeing it as a strategic platform to manage the challenges that the industry currently faces.


“This is a fast-growth industry that has seen sales increase by 29 percent year-on-year, thanks to the opportunities brought by the continued growth of the temp and contracting sector. Recruitment agency owners are seeking out technology that can simplify their business and give them the visibility they need to manage this dynamic marketplace.


The power of community

“The complexities of the industry demand a collegiate response - a sharing of insights, success and failures. As we pioneer a candidate-first approach, or essentially a better user experience, we all need to embrace the RCSA’s ‘Power of Community’ - and technology is the means to do this.


This was certainly demonstrated at the RCSA conference where, according to Jordan, as much as clients and partners celebrated a great year for the ANZ recruitment industry, at least half of the talks and break-out sessions put the spotlight firmly on technology. There was a real sense that recruiters were running towards and not away from change.


Watch our exclusive interview from RCSA here.


Expanding our team

“And finally, we welcome Sam Tate who has joined the Volcanic team as business solutions manager based in our Sydney offices. This new role is reflective of the strong traction Volcanic is achieving in the region and Sam’s appointment has come at a key time, allowing us to capitalise on the success that has come on the back of the recent RCSA conference.”


“We’re excited to see what 2018 will bring for the industry and for Volcanic. We are in a prime position to support the industry’s demand for our technology and give insights from our wider expertise in the recruitment industry.


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