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by Neil Pickstone
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Just like video killed the radio star, we know that this changing world has made other great technology redundant; VHS, DVDs and blu-ray. And Wordpress is likely to join the scrap heap because of the impact of the GDPR.

Wordpress’ unique strengths and capabilities provided by this community built cms will become its vulnerability in a GDPR world. Being able to configure a website from plugins  made from all over the world, giving businesses the opportunity of creating websites without needing a developer, will be the final nail in its coffin.

Just like DVDs, the sites will hang around a long time but any recruiter working within the law of the GDPR will need to move to a GDPR-compliant platform.

Of course, running a specialised recruitment website building business, I would say that but, ignoring that for a moment, let me explain.

The GDPR requires companies to ensure that subject data is collected and stored in a secure manner. This means that the company has to make sure there are no security holes. A plugin written by a faceless person anywhere in the world can appear to work perfectly, however, you cannot verify that the plugin is not sending data to a hacker’s site without inspecting the code, which is a job for a security expert. If the plugin is compromised then how do you know? Or do you take legal action against the person who provided it?

It is for that reason I can confidently say that, if you are a recruitment business, you cannot trust Wordpress and you should find another solution. Your future website must be one that can validate that the code written is secure, can meet ISO standards and will allow you to hold your service provider accountable in the event of a data breach through an insurance-backed solution.

At Volcanic, we’re taking a positive and proactive stance: the GDPR gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that your business is truly candidate-focused. It forces you to take security more seriously, take responsibility for your suppliers and ensure that candidate data is collected and secured in the right way.

Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry towards GDPR compliance ahead of the May 2018 deadline.  Download your free guide to GDPR for recruitment agencies that walks you through the 12 principles set out by the ICO and gives pragmatic advice on how to deal with them, or contact us for more information.​


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