Lillie Ubeid
by Lillie Ubeid
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Low-risk, 30-day contracts just make it easy

Our 30-day terms across our entire customer base keeps us honest. We continually deliver new technology to remain relevant to our customers. Our value is measured monthly so we have to deliver on our promises. 

Hear what some of clients have to say about the benefits of our 30 day contracts:

Harrington Starr

"Because it is a software as a service, there is an essential collaborative aspect to working with Volcanic - the monthly subscription puts the pressure on Volcanic to make sure that they deliver and that we get the most out of our site. The faith we’ve shown in each other is already paying off.

The costing was also attractive, particularly as it’s a fixed monthly fee and no initial outlay - so gave us the most cost-effective option for what we needed. So many other companies throw high figures out there but the monthly subscription gives us clarity and allows us to measure ROI."

Native Gravity

"The key attraction was the 30-day contract with no upfront costs. This was particularly important as it allowed flexibility and reduced any financial risk. As a small start-up company, it was crucial for us to ensure that they could control their expenditure very closely."


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