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Client: Job Coconut

Start date: 5th September

Method: In the past two weeks we have changed the time we send our job alerts from the following client. Normally our job alerts are sent in the middle of the night but now we have changed to send our job alerts in the morning. This is the optimum time to send a job alert (refer to the following blog for more insight). We have also started sending job alerts everyday instead of only once a week.

Results: The results of this change proved a great success and it has boosted their statistics dramatically.

In week one the following results occurred: 

  • Applications increased by 148%
  • Website traffic increased by 63% 
  • Organic search traffic by 6%
  • Notifications by 19,000%
  • Search by 627%
  • Job search by 284%
  • New registrations by 19%

In week two the following results occurred:

  • Applications increased by 97%
  • Website traffic increased by 49% 
  • Organic search traffic by 8%
  • Notifications by 109%
  • Search by 627%
  • Job search by 668%
  • New registrations by 11%

Conclusion: From the results above we can clearly see how successful this change has been and we look forward to see how the future statistics will look. Just this small change has made a colossal impact.

Next steps: After doing a few more weeks of analysis we will look towards rolling this new technology to all our clients #watchthisspace 


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