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by Neil Pickstone
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One thing you need to know about Volcanic is that we’re great at hunting unicorns.

Exceptional women that have serious skills in technology. Marketing, finance, engineering, design and project management - from chief financial officer to intern, we’ve been able to move even closer to our 50/50 gender split.

“So what?” you might say. And considering past comments about this topic on LinkedIn, our conscious decision to make Volcanic a destination for women in technology does not sit well with everyone. Some people actually think we’re compromising our quality by employing a woman as opposed to the best candidate for the job. Good luck saying that in front of our team, both men and women.

Sure, it’s really difficult to find women who have the skills and the desire to work in technology - there’s a real scarcity and any number of initiatives to rectify this dire shortage. But these are lofty efforts that many people can’t or don’t know how to tap into - and this is where business can lean in a bit more.

  1. Recognise that having a gender balance in your business delivers results on all levels - I’m not debating this, there’s too much evidence to support this. So go Google.

  2. Create an environment where women can demonstrate and leverage their key skills - figure this out, it’s not difficult.

  3. Provide a buddy system for those women who want to start in the less-tech areas of the business but want to have exposure and support in the more engineering aspects - let them set their own pace on their journey to learn.

  4. Set up different internship programmes that embrace anyone who wants to learn or grow their skills.

  5. Open your doors to let people come and spend some time in the business, experiencing a few days of ‘real’ work to get a better feel for the culture, the challenges, the opportunities and the fun.

  6. Use your family, friends, alumni and business networks to get the word out.

Not very scientific but it works. Make a bit more effort at a grassroots level and keep waving the banner.


Talent Tally

UK operations - 14 women representing 30% of total workforce

Four developers, two designers, one platform trainer, three project managers, two directors, one process manager and one head of marketing.

The last seven hires were women.


Overseas operations - six women representing 40% of total workforce

Two developers, two designers and two project managers.


If you know any women wanting to find out more about us, working in tech or needing just a bit of moral support, get in touch.



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