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Recruiters, just like every business, should consider using social media to promote their services.

To help inspire you, we have put together this short guide to help when using the main social networks: -


  • Set up a business page on Facebook, show the values of the business, explain what you do and how you help.

  • Consider using photo and videos of events you both attend and host.

  • Ask customers also to share pictures, videos and explain why they work with you.

  • Let candidates see who they are working with and what you can do for them.


  • Most recruiters have been expert users of Linkedin for some time, but remember it's not all about finding and approaching candidates and clients.

  • Join LinkedIn groups that may be popular with many of your customers, and frequently post questions or comments related to recruitment. We shared a story about an unethical recruiter that provoked a lot of discussions 

  • Ask vendors and other business associates in your network to provide a recommendation for you or your business in LinkedIn it's not all about the end customers

  • Consider future employees and share interesting facts about what working for the business is like.

  • Don't forget to publish content, brochures etc.


  • Use Twitter to tweet interesting or unusual facts about the sector you recruit for

  • Send out short tips via Twitter on how to use your services i.e. How to attract the right job.

  • Follow customers and vendors as well as influential bloggers, journalists and trade associations such as ASPCO or TEAM.

  • Use promoted tweets and Twitter cards integrated with your website

  • Get more visibility by tweeting pictures and videos related to you or your business to your followers.

  • Use the 1 in 6 rule, the first 5 tweets should be interesting facts then advertise a role you have available just reinforce what you do.


  • Create a YouTube channel for your online business, and populate it with a mix of recruitment fun videos and together with useful videos like interview tips etc.

  • Launch a video contest: Ask customers to create short videos of how they use your product or service.

  • Every week, post a short (two minutes or less) video of what's happening in your sector, we've seen some great examples that showcase a recruiters expertise.

  • Ask customers to submit video testimonials about your recruit services.

  • Consider asking candidates to provide testimonials or even vendors.


  • In your personal Google+ profile, create circles for the customers and candidates who may be interested in your services

  • Post interesting content to these circles and encourage feedback or comments. Content might include your blog posts, interesting articles.

  • Start a Hangout. Use Hangouts On Air, the multi-user chat and video tool in Google+, to create a short video that can be viewed in real-time or archived on your YouTube channel for viewing later.

  • Launch a Google+ profile for your business, and start a Google+ community on a topic related to the recruitment sector.


  • Set up a Pinterest profile for your business, creating one or more Pinterest boards with themes related to your recruitment business for example environments to work in or recruitment trends for your specialist sectors.

  • Add the Pin It button to your website pages so that visitors to your website can pin jobs or images from your site to share on Pinterest.

  • Pin recruitment videos to your boards

  • Hold a pinning contest on your website by encouraging your own team or customers to pin related content.  


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