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by Neil Pickstone
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We are in a climate in which the SME can flourish alongside the big players, by carving out its niche, seeking investment and opting for the right technology that suits their business.

Invest in the right technology

New subscription-based software models have transformed the sector, making enterprise level technology accessible to recruitment businesses of all sizes. Where investing in the right technology to support a business used to fall within the grasp only of big budgets, new software as a service (SaaS) models make constantly updated, future-proof new tech available to everyone.

Services such as RPO and end-to-end solutions are now up for grabs by small businesses who are agile enough to take advantage of what SaaS models can offer.

Using a SaaS model means no upfront cost. At Volcanic, we price on an all-inclusive monthly SaaS basis with no upfront fees for design or build.

Book a demo today to find out about our easy to buy recruitment technology.  

This blog was updated in January 2019.


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