Lillie Ubeid
by Lillie Ubeid
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At Volcanic, we understand the key components that should be included in a great recruitment website.

Below, we've listed our recommendations of what should be included on your website to ensure your ROI:

Job Search

This is why candidates are coming on your site, it should be the most prominent thing and there should be a quick search on your homepage.

Job Alerts

Set up job alerts to ensure candidates will return to your page, even if they can't find a job on that day, they will be sent relevant jobs when they arise. 


Every recruitment website should provide you with the tools to report on your KPI's.


A beautifully designed site is meaningless if candidates cannot find you in the first place!

Social Media Integration

Social media provides free traffic and exposure. Ensure you link to your pages on your website.


Designing Accessible Recruitment Websites

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