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Instead of focusing on the split between Client and Candidate, it's important to blend to two together and call your visitors 'users'. We’ll try to focus a bit more on the Client aspect of this problem in this blog, as Candidates, in general, are more likely to respond to you. In essence we’re talking about best-practice communication, and there are a lot of variables in the way of you and that all-important verbal go-ahead from either party.

Words Worth

What do you think about when writing a Job Description? Do you even write job descriptions anymore, or have you adopted video like so many growing recruiters?

Job posts get 36% more applications if accompanied by a recruiting video.

So you have a target and a job placement to fill, don’t skimp out on the details or you may end up finding no candidates or placing the wrong candidates in front of your clients. Needless to say, some details (like your client's name/company etc) must be omitted from said description, but if you concentrate too hard on fluffing up the text and avoiding anything of substance, it will come back to haunt you.

Be honest, and manage your candidate’s expectations.

One way of improving job descriptions is to write multiple variants of the same job for different types of applicants. We call this Job Persona writing and essentially it is targeting job ads to multiple 'perfect' candidates, all with different goals and aims.


It’ll come as no surprise that we'd suggest upgrading your website, but you should upgrade your website. Clients are more impressed by innovators than late adopters, so how does your website weigh up to theirs?

Much of the industry still believes your recruitment website is little more than an expensive brochure, and we've spent the last year and a half in the company of tech pioneers who have proven otherwise - so invest in something your candidates and clients can use.

And when we say ‘use’ we mean click into without it breaking, apply for a job without having to call up or email, and a portal for clients to advertise jobs. This is pretty widespread stuff these days - that’s why newer recruitment agencies only need 2 years max to build a better database than the more ‘established’ companies with their 10-year dusty-books.

39% of Talent Leaders are investing more in their employment Brand compared to 2015.

- (LinkedIn Business)

If I Hear the Word ‘Social’ One More Time…

Complain all you like, take a look at the stats on Jobcast and admit that you really do need to learn to use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to build client and candidate personas.

There’s nothing more to explain: get savvy with social.


It’s in the Diary

Struggling to pin down a client for a call? You’ll definitely get gatekept, we all do, so try being a bit more assertive with your diary invites. If you’re trying to reach a client who seems to live in the meeting room cupboards, try sending diary invites to times that you are free - it’s a non-invasive way to cement yourself in their routines.

Hubspot has a great diary management tool that allows you to 'send' you calendar availability to clients, your CRM should do something similar - if not, why not?



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