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‘Accessible’ in this article will refer to your company’s transparency, visibility, company culture, and the overall ease-of-use of your online presence. 

Before you can embrace transparency online, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of information/material can my candidates/clients access?

  • Is this material clear and easy to find? How does it add value?

  • Is our content realistic and original, or another copy & paste job?

  • Am I proud of the service we offer?

  • What are the top-runners doing?

In this post we will cover

  • Tech

  • You're website

  • Marketing

Star Tech

Imagine you’re a Construction recruiter - does your website enable contractors to log in and apply for other jobs via mobile? Most of these workers scout for jobs on-site: if you don’t enable them with technology to fit their routines, you’ll miss out on placements. Place yourself in your candidate’s shoes, and be realistic when you ask yourself ‘how do they find us?’

This is the kind of accessibility that your clients will take into consideration when deciding on a recruiter to do business with, and this is why your website needs to be more than an e-brochure.

You need a site that is both informative, and engaging - it should contain a multitude of functions that create value, even if it’s simply a whitepaper download button. Why not find a way for your users to book their own calls using dynamic calendar software? Social Hire do this really well.

Regular Contact

Sending out mailshots via MailChimp is a cost-effective way to ensure your clients and candidates are regularly updated about latest acquisitions, new team members etc, but also regularly reminded of your social media links, and opportunities. Maintaining a sense of company culture is vital - it doesn't have to be happy, sunshine-y all the time, it's good to show your staff dealing with adversity too.

You can't be called inaccessible if you saturate candidate/client's inboxes with valuable info.

Heads Up, Display!

When you go through the design & development process of your website, one of the initial things you should identify is the location and styling of your Contact details. Best-practice techniques might include:

  • The 'Our Team' page to display LinkedIn Pages, Phone Numbers, Emails and Branch Location of individual team members

  • Clearly labelled Calls-to-Action (such as Schedule a Callback) with working links

  • Options to sign-in using a third-party app or service (LinkedIn/Google etc)

  • A pop-up option to sign up to your mailing list

  • An Instant Messenger help service 

Don't make navigating your website an overconvoluted experience. If your MD has grand visions of a fully-interactive game-changer, you can remind them about the Marks & Spencers re-launch fiasco. Keep it simple and clear.

Invest in SEO tools

If you aren’t ranking for key words to do with your business; IT Recruitment Warwick, .Net Developer Jobs Shrewsbury, Sales Recruiters London etc, then you may be losing business.

Make room in the budget for SEO upkeep whilst taking advantage of all the free coverage you can get, i.e. regular Blogs, meta descriptions, tags & backlinks. Tools like the ones listed below are vital sources of SEO information, all of which offer free services;

SEO is a volatile marketplace with a shed-load of rickety companies that promise you #1 spots within weeks, we’ve all experienced this, but by no means should this put you off making the effort in the first place. To underestimate the value of your online visibility these days is to commit slow business suicide.


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