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Over the last year there has been a lot of discussion about how the UK government announced that they intended to change the rules on overseas recruitment in order to stop agencies from advertising vacancies in other EEA (European Economic Area) countries without also advertising them in Great Britain. 

This has been in consultation stage and on the 25th February they completed the consultation processes and the next stages will be make the changes legally binding under UK Law.

This isn't the first country in the world that imposes rules on advertising of vacanies, in the APAC region for example particularly in Singapore, Recruitment agencies are expected to advertise their roles on the governments own Job Board before then advertising generally.

So with this new regulations who will be affected and how?

Job Boards - Any advertisement of a job located in the UK which is Advertised on an overseas job board will need to also show that this has been advertised in Great Britain. Will the Job Board owner be responsible or will the recruitment agency?

Job Aggregators or Job Posters - Will they need to consider if they breach the rules when posting vacancies on overseas job boards even if they are posting on others behalf?

CRM's - If they post to websites they will need to consider the impact if there was an error who'd be responsible?

Recruiment Agencies - No recruitment agency will be allowed to advertise a UK job, only on an overseas job board or on EEA website without consequences.

Penalties - What are the likely sanctions

Penalties include civil action, applicants could sue for loss of earnings and damages, Criminal convictions include Unlimited fines, criminal convictions, Director bans or even businesses being closed. 


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