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by Helen Taylor
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SciPro focus on placing highly skilled life science candidates into the correct role.  They aim to match the correct person with the correct job in order to create harmonious and successful working environments. SciPro take the time to understand their candidates alongside their goals and motivations.

They focus on a number of disciplinies which include the following: 


Regulatory Affairs

Clinical Operations & Development

Data Management

Project Management

Medical Affairs


Market Access & HEOR

Research & Development 


SciPro place candidates all across the globe and have offices in the UK, Europe and North America. The exciting news is that this is only the holding page and in the near future the main site will be up and running. We thank everyone at SciPro for chosing Volcanic to create their recruitment site and we look forward to the finished product..... #WatchThisSpace


Designing Accessible Recruitment Websites

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