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For recruiters, time equals money and maximising both of these are vital to a recruiters day. So, as a recruiter you are probably wondering how this can be done; isn't that the answer all recruiters want to know? 

One simple step to enhancing this is to ensure that you send your jobs out at the correct time. This all depends on who you are sending your jobs to and knowing your target audience. Variables include location, personal preference and resources available. Following analysis, we have gained some general results. 

During the working week, Thursday is the peak in terms of responsiveness. We aren't sure of the reasons behind this, but who knows, it could be because people are sick of their jobs after nearly a full working week. Saturday and Sunday are unsurprisingly the least responsive days so forget sending anything over the weekend!

Now, in terms of time it appears that 10:30 is most optimal. From 4:00am to 10:30am, we see a cumulative increase in optimisation levels. From 10:30am till 10:00pm there is a slow decline in interest. Unsurprisingly between 0:00am and 4:00am this is the lowest area of interest. What is important is that you don't send your job alerts out too early and an important thing to note is that time zones can vary even within one country. It is important as a recruiter that you try to schedule your alerts for the same time irrespective of time zone (eg. GMT, Australia or US).

To summarise, the most effective time is 10:30am Thursday. It should be noted, however, that these findings have been extracted from high level numbers and, as such, are not applicable to the individual; everybody has different ways of working, checking their emails etc. 

Volcanic have built a system that allows you to adjust the time and days when you send an email.

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