Ian Turnpenny
by Ian Turnpenny
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Volcanic is delighted to announce our newly released integration with leading global recruitment platform JobAdder.

Purpose-built for all recruitment business, particularly new businesses getting off the ground, JobAdder is easy to use and lends structure and simplicity to every user’s recruitment workflow.

After conquering the local market in Australia and New Zealand, particularly in the SME space, JobAdder has expanded its international presence and is making waves in the UK and in Europe.

With our new integration, JobAdder clients can post out jobs and collect candidate applications seamlessly, ensuring all data is captured securely with minimum effort. A simple and effective solution for busy recruiters.

JobAdder’s recruitment platform is entirely cloud-based, giving recruiters complete freedom to recruit on the go from any mobile device.

At Volcanic, we are always delighted to work with technology innovators and disruptors that can help make our clients’ lives easier and more productive.



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