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by Robert Wilde
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We are pleased to announce that Volcanic is now ISO 9001:2008 certified for its quality management system.

The journey which commenced in August 2015 involved improving the quality of our products and the quality of our services, which we provide to our customers and also reflects the commitment we show to our internal team.

As is the case with everything we do at Volcanic, we built our own cloud based quality management system and connected together all our internal systems including our project management systems, HR systems and Financial Systems to provide a seamless integrated solution.

The work also represented a major investment in our systems, technology and processes and this also reflects the maturity in our processes and our company. 

ISO 9001 is a family of standards for quality management systems and is designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and employees. In January 2016 we achieved the Investors In People (IIP) standard which was has now followed by our achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification.

What's next in our journey .... will be working on additional ISO standards that we feel will also benefit our customers.




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