Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone

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What Brexit could mean for recruitment 

We've been in meetings all morning talking about the reality of the UK's vote to exit the EU. What is clear from the initial news is that the UK's decision has created a lot of uncertainty in the financial markets and consequently will have other impacts that we cannot yet fully understand.

In the past, whenever financial markets have experienced movements, the first things to be cut is capital expenditure due to businesses of all sizes looking to protect the cash they have in the bank. 

We believe that this will affect the employment sector but know that our customers will still have a need to help supply candidates. We also know there will be an affect on the employment figures although we are not sure at this stage what this will mean for the sector, only time will tell.

Our response to this market change is to support our customers. We have already removed the need to find capital upfront (by removing our upfront fees), but know we will need to work harder to ensure that our team get the results our customers require. We will also need to adapt our platform to reflect the change in the employment landscape whatever this brings.

We have made a commitment today to help, we will continue to innovate and release new features to our customers (free of charge) and we will make the purchasing decision easier by removing the need to spend capital. 


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