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Over the last six years that Volcanic has been operating, we have found that having a strategic partnership or an alliance has given us the most value.

Partnerships have allowed us to understand our market at a much deeper level and has provided us with access to a broader range of resources and expertise than we could have had without our partners.

This in turn has allowed us to share our knowledge and understanding of the market with our partners, making our systems better and allowing our clients to gain from our closer association.

Our ability to share information also allows us to build systems that talk to each other more closely. For example our integration with Broadbean is such that when we have a client who wants to use their system we can connect the two with a press of the button at either end.

Over the last few months we have been building a new partner system called our Developer Consol which we allow our partners to have access  to and from which they can build capability for their systems and have secure access to our data.

We are always looking for partners so please get in touch to learn more about the benefits of being a Volcanic partner.


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