Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone
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Volcanic's customers are extremely concious of the revenue that they generate, so any help that our company can give is vital to our clients success.

Our platform has several areas where by exposing the users data we can help our customer to identify revenue opportunities or list missed revenue opportunities that would otherwise simply pass most other websites un-noticed.

We recently relaesed our job searches area to include all jobs that were searched where no results were found. Specifically this was when a Candidate searched for a job in a certain area but were presented with no results. 

The result of this release has already had a positive affect on some of our customers activities or more importantly their business that has led to a direct increase in their revenue. 

An example is when one of clients was able to identify that candidates were searching for roles in scotland, our client hadn't realised that there jobs were not being advertised. A quick change in their advertising rule resulted in more candidate applications.



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